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Treatments We Offer

Dr. Lee will develop a personalized treatment plan which may include environmental controls, patient education, medications, and immunotherapy.

Allergy Shots (Subcutaneous Immunotherapy or SCIT)

Allergy shots involve receiving small doses of allergens and gradually increasing that amount over the course of a buildup schedule with the goal of reaching a maintenance does that is continued monthly for several years. Allergy shots help desensitize patients to environmental allergens and/or venoms.

View this video from the American Academy of Allergy Asthma & Immunology to learn more about allergy shots.

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Rush Immunotherapy

The buildup schedule for allergy shots can be accelerated by taking premedications prior to receiving multiple doses within one visit.

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Cluster Immunotherapy

Cluster is similar to rush but requires fewer premedications and thus fewer doses are given during one visit but this is still a more accelerated schedule than the traditional schedule.

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Sublingual Immunotherapy (SLIT)

SLIT is similar to allergy shots in that it desensitizes to the allergens but it does not require shots as it is a treatment taken by mouth.

FDA Approved Tablets

Customized Drops

Though these are not FDA-approved, SLIT drops allows patients the freedom of dosing at home. There is less data to support the same efficacy as allergy shots.

Venom Immunotherapy

Venom immunotherapy is a series of shots that desensitize patients to insect venom and reduce the risk of severe allergic reactions.

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Food Oral Immunotherapy (OIT)

OIT is a process of desensitizing the body to the food allergen by starting with small amounts and gradually increasing the amounts. Generally this will help patients increase the threshold at which they would react if exposed to the food.


Palforzia is the first and only FDA approved OIT treatment which only treats peanut allergy.

Shelf-bought Food Product

Other foods may be used to do OIT though the research is not as robust.


This special group of medications are made from living sources. They are highly researched medications which can provide significant relief and control of symptoms for asthma, eczema, chronic urticaria, EoE, and nasal polyps. Common biologics used are Xolair, Dupixent, Nucala, Fasenra, Tezspire, Adbry, etc.

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